Transmission Pan Service:

  • Remove Pan
  • Replace Filter
  • Reinstall Filter
  • Top Fluid

Why We Do It

  • The transmission pan contains the fluid needed to ensure that your vehicle shifts gears smoothly.
  • Transmission pans should be serviced regularly in order to ensure that there are no contaminants or damage.

Transmission Flush Services

  • Check transmission for leaks.
  • Connect our service equipment to the transmission.
  • Exchange old transmission fluid with up to 16 quarts of transmission fluid.* (Removes and replaces 98% of the old fluid.)
  • Install additive and gasket conditioner.

Why We Do It

  • Extends the life of the transmission.
  • Helps prevent a likely and expensive future cost.
  • Cleans, cools, and lubricates transmission parts.
  • Revitalizes rubber gaskets.
  • Provides smoother shifting.
  • Provides extended trouble-free driving.
  • Maintains the new car warranty.
  • The Bottom Line: Saves money in the long-run, and keeps your transmission working.

What Does Transmission Fluid Do?

Automatic transmission fluid works under harsh conditions with high heat and hydraulic pressure. When fluid is used longer than recommended, poor shifting performance or complete transmission failure can result.

How Do You Know Your Transmission Fluid Requires Changing?

  • Service according to vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation. If you drive in stop-n-go traffic, in-town, or on short trips, then follow the “Severe Service Recommendation.”
  • Fluid is burnt. (Fluid has a varnished smell.)